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We are passionate about helping our clients accomplish life altering change through the following areas of law:

-Student Loan Debt:
As student loan lawyers, we focus on helping borrowers navigate problems with their student loan debt. We can help inform you of your rights and options.

If you have defaulted on your loan or they have been turned over to collections, options are available.

If you are unable to make your monthly payment or have questions about consolidation, this is the time to ask. Opportunities for borrowers are available that have not been in the past.

-Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:
Known as the “fresh start” bankruptcy because it allows Debtors to eliminate most if not all of their unsecured debt.

-Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:
Known as the “wage-earner” bankruptcy case allows you to pay your creditors through a repayment plan approved by the Court.

-Estate Planning:
Estate planning is necessary for every adult. It refers to the actions you take to arrange for the disposal of your assets at the time of death, allows you to designate who will care for your minor or disabled children and make decisions on your behalf if you are unable, and indicate dying wishes.

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Closed School, Disability discharge, Federal student loan default resolution, Federal student loan general assistance, payment plan, Private student loan default resolution, Private student loan repayment, Student loan administrative discharge, Student loan forgiveness

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