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Do you have headaches, stomach aches, pulling your hair out, trouble sleeping at night because of creditor harassment?
I am not a doctor, but I can show you ways to cure these problems.
I have spoken at several national bankruptcy seminars, on individual Chapter 11 cases in Los Angeles, California and Cleveland, Ohio, and on other consumer law topics in Arizona, Louisiana, Illinois and Michigan.

Now, bankruptcy is, and should be, a last resort.

I can show you how to make it illegal for collection agencies to contact you, how to stop wage and other garnishments, repossessions and foreclosures.

Unlike the creditor harassing you on the phone, I will listen to your story, and tell you the truth.

Honest, Reliable Advice from Someone Who Understands Where You’re Coming From

And now, money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with my services on your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, you get a full refund of my fees.

My parents worked hard to provide for myself and my 6 younger brothers and sisters, but that is a big crew to put through college.

Their income was too much for me to get financial aid, but not enough to pay my way. My folks were paying the taxes that funded student aid for others, but did not leave enough for them to put all their own kids through school.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and worked my way through U of M and Wayne State law school in factories and dorm cafeterias.
In the summer of 1973, I put right rear marker lights in Chrysler New Yorkers and Imperials at the Jefferson Assembly plant in Detroit. The next four summers, I worked mostly in the heat treat and upset departments at the Lear Siegler automotive division on Kelly and Tireman in Detroit.

I am an honorably withdrawn member of the UAW.

During the school year, I bussed tables and washed pots and pans.

I worked with other blue collar laborers, the honest, hard working, lunch pail type for which Detroit and Michigan have been known for decades.

I drove a Valiant that was five different colors due to various training incidents as many of us learned to drive in it. One of the doors was from a Dodge Dart, a junkyard replacement due to one of the incidents.

I am a lifelong resident of Michigan, I love the state and its people. We have the best public universities (hey, my best man and two of my brothers are Spartans) the best fresh water, the best fall color, hunting, fishing, boating, skiing, pro sports including auto racing, a water-winter wonderland, in short, the best place to live.
I handle all chapters of Bankruptcy, student loan issues in and out of state and federal courts, debt defense, creditor harassment.

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