AI vs. Actual intelligence: Don’t rely on simulated smarts for student loan help

AI has transformed everything from customer service and health care to space exploration, but it is not necessarily the right tool for all situations. When it comes to Federal student loans and Student Loan Law, the devil is in the details. If your AI hallucinates, it could land you in financial hot water.

AI Hallucination and Fake AI: What You Need to Know

AI hallucination

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” as it’s also known, is the biggest news in 2023. Publications from local blogs to national news agencies are filled with unbridled enthusiasm for artificial intelligence. Testimonials range from the accuracy of a health diagnosis to writing a legalese-style letter to a landlord about an unfair rent increase. But here’s the thing: AI is only as accurate as the references it uses, and if you assume that whatever student loan information it spits out is accurate, it could cost you.

Consequences of Fake AI and Hallucinated Information

“Fake AI” refers to the concept of creating an artificial intelligence system that mimics or imitates human-like intelligence but does not possess genuine or autonomous intelligence. Pre-programmed responses or algorithms give the illusion of intelligence without true understanding.

AI can hallucinate when it learns data imperfectly or has been exposed to biases in the data it uses. Pattern-matching techniques typically identify keywords, provide predefined responses based on those patterns, and assemble the information in a programmed manner. Although they may appear intelligent, they cannot use reason to determine the most relevant details in complex issues.

Trusting AI with something as important as your student loan repayment plans, forgiveness, or bankruptcy could result in a catastrophic financial blowback that could affect you for several years.

The Case of the Bogus Brief

In the Spring of 2023, personal injury attorneys in New York used ChatGPT for research in a brief prepared for a big case against Avianca Airlines. On the surface, the brief looked put together and solidly researched. It cited six different court cases, which provided the basis for their claim. Unfortunately, these cases were fictional. The judicial decisions, quotes, and internal citations that went with them? Bogus! After digging into the facts, it appears that this messy collision of technology and truth exploded in a shower of fake facts and AI-concocted cases.

Although the judge has yet to finalize his decision, the attorneys who developed the brief may be sanctioned. They are humiliated, and their practice has suffered because of it. The American legal system is complex, with endless examples of case law, statutes and regulations. Differences between some of them are microscopic, which can make legal cases beyond AI’s capabilities. The attorneys knew what to look for and it still fooled them. Are you willing to trust your future to generic algorithms?

Genuine Intelligence with Practical Answers

What would you do if you discovered you could save up to hundreds of dollars every month? Would you finally be able to clear the balance of your utilities? Could you save for a car or pay to fix the one you have? Life could look like this if you are in the right student loan repayment plan. Are your student loans in default? A trained student loan lawyer can help you get back on track and determine the best option. Some attorneys offer a free review, which means you pay nothing if they cannot help you. Do you really want to DIY your student loan repayment plan with the Federal government?

You could spend days or weeks researching, asking questions of an AI platform and filling out all of the paperwork just to find out later there was a better way. Or, you can talk with a student loan lawyer and put a plan in place that uses genuine intelligence and experience to tailor a solution that meets your budget.

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