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Nearly everyone in the USA has had to deal with student loan debt whether federal or private.  The struggle to understand them, how they work, when they don’t and what to do if you can’t pay has long been a sore spot.

Student Loan Help Options is here to help you understand the differences and determine when and what type of help you need so you know when it may be safe to try it yourself and when you should call for help and from whom.

One of the first things to remember is that although student loans are made to help you attend school, they are still a financial instrument designed to make money for someone else. That being said, you should always assume the company who is trying to collect the payment from you is not your friend.  They may be chartered to collect for the government, the state, a bank, private lender or someone else, but they are not the person you should rely on for advice into your specific financial situation.

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More than 45 Million Americans have student loan debt. If you are struggling with payments, student loan help is available.

Do I Need Help From a Student Loan Attorney?

You may not need an attorney, but often, it is well worth it. Those who receive specialized training as a Student Loan Lawyer have studied the law and stay up-to-date on legislation changes. They understand your options in far more detail than you or even most other attorneys.

But that doesn’t mean you need them all the time.

When you do need an attorney, the attorneys listed on this site are specialists in student loans and have graduated from the only Student Loan Law Workshop taught by The Student Loan Lawyer. These graduates understand the ins and outs and everything in between when dealing with federal student loans or private student loans. Search for the student loan attorney near you, review their profile and post a comment after you get the student loan help you need.

In the meantime, keep checking back for more posts on student loans. Remember, you don’t have to handle this on your own.

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